Fame is a Gift From God And It Comes In God’s Own Time – Amid Benue Singer McDow


Prolific Benue based musician Moses Attah better known as McDow Attah  came into music business as early as 2005, and has stood still till date. The young hustler could not hold it only to himself alone but took to his social media platform to state how deep his sense of reasoning is, when it comes to fame or to blow as an artist.
He started;
Money is good but almost useless in entertainment, we used to say if I put my song for top site I go blow… Our songs enter top sites we still dey wait, we used to say if them play our songs for Lagos radio we don blow, our songs enter there we still dey wait…. We used to say if we get video we don go! We get videos, we still dey… I know people wey dem don sign for better label and you know them too… Afa? I know people wey meet better sponsor wey spend money bros.. No way!
See my point, all of us dey hustle but no be all of us go MAKE AM!.
Fame na gift from God and it comes in God’s own time, do what you can afford because no formula dey to carry blow. Anytime I talk this thing people dey see me as unserious and not ready to blow, infact some don conclude say I no fit blow again so them count me out.
Personally I know say e no end here and to blow no be my ultimate goal in existence, I want see God when I die so I dey watch my excesses.
We have enough depression going round, stop trying to control what’s in God’s hands, REAL BLOW na from God and NOT MAN so enjoy this talent wey God give you and pray for the gift of STARDOM
McDow has about 100 T-shirts in the market for sell already (It’s made from a high quality fabric), 3K each he called it ‘iRick it ‘ and his name clearly written on it, and he stated that these would aid him fund some lingering projects.
Conclusively, the struggle in for fame in music industry is long term success and it rooted in God’s time, and this is reflects in the sudden appearance of many artist each year. 
Source: Benuenpoint
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