Airpeace Airline Pledged 20million to Super Eagle Forward Ahmed Music (See Reasons)

Before Nigeria’s outing against Cape Verde yesterday, the chairman of Air Peace Airlines, Allen Onyema, pledged to the Super Eagles while leaving the country that a whopping sum of twenty million naira (N20M) will be given to them if they could win against their opponent. Luckily, they won and the chairman of the airline fulfilled his promise by presenting a cheque to the Super Eagles squad upon their arrival at the airport. This cheque was received by Ahmed Musa, a northerner, who captained the team during the match. After receiving the cheque, Ahmed Musa made some statements. Read what was said by him below.

Ahmed Musa hugging the Airline’s Chairman.

After hugging the chairman of Air Peace, Ahmed Musa said that he’s not only glad about the kind gesture of the Chairman but that, he’s also glad the team did all they could to ensure they win against their daring opponents.

Ahmed Musa, who received the cheque alongside other members of the squad, also noted that what the Igbo man, who gave them the cheque did, would unite us more as Nigerians.
Aside the fact that Ahmed Musa stressed that the gesture of Air Peace Airline’s chairman would not only serve as a unifying factor, I think it’s generally a kind act.

On the chairman’s end, he noted that he’s proud of what the Super Eagle’s team did against their opponent. He stated that their winning alone united people from all cardinal points in the country. He mentioned that both the people of the East, North, West and South are all happy because a win for one is a win for all.

Having read about the statements made by Ahmed Musa, the captain of the Super Eagles, what do you have to say about the Chairman of the airline who fulfilled his promises to the players?

Photos Credits: Instagram.

Article’s Source: Official Instagram page of Airpeace Airline.

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