Amazing Charlyboy Photographer Celebrate Nigeria @61 with stunning Photos Starring Miss Wanu Nigeria

Charlyboy Photography Celebrate Nigeria Independence day with stunning photos starring Miss Wanu Awasasa Aduniya
Nigeria young Energise & Taraba state Wukari Base Photographer Charlyboy Celebrate Nigeria Independence day with stunning photos starring HRM. Queen Awasasa Aduniya as our lovely country clock 61 today.

A lot of people are celebrating all across the nation as Nigeria marks her 61st Independence anniversary on October 1, 2021.

Despite the many issues surrounding the state of the nation, many people have taken to social media to celebrate Nigeria in their own very unique styles.

Photos of people all dress in the significant colour; green and white, have flooded the Nigerian social media platforms with beautiful messages to accompany them.

A nation not without her own flaws, it is quite impressive to see that a lot of people are still hopeful that Nigeria as a country will get better soon.

Even though it is the same message every year, it is refreshing to see optimism in a time like this.

From Twitter all the way to the picture-sharing app, Instagram, beautiful messages of hope and resilience floods the timelines with every one of them, beautiful and outstanding.

📌 Photo Credit by Amazing Charlyboy Photography ( +2348121148688)

📌Model by HRM. Queen Awasasa Aduniya-confidence

📌 MakeUp by Wokka

📌Publish by Abinseloaded NG

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