Gist: Burna Boy’s “Kilometre” Or Buju’s “Kilometer” — You Can Only Choose One

Buju just dropped his debut project and it’s an EP dubbed “Sorry I’m Late.”

The 7-track EP was released independently, since Buju has been confirmed to be no longer signed to Burna Boy’s Spaceship imprint. So, definitely Burna Boy’s input on this project—if any—will be as minimal as possible.

I mean, if he was still signed to Burna, maybe the Grammy-winning artist’s team would do some A&R-ing for Buju. But in this case, he must have picked out all the songs himself or something.

So in an alternate universe where Buju isn’t independent, a song with the same title as Burna Boy’s only hit in 2021 may not have made the cut. I’m just saying. But what do we have here. A “Kilometer.” Believe me, there’s not a lot of songs out there called “Kilometer.”

Burna Boy’s “Kilometre” is one energetic track with heavy vibes, heavy drums, heavy patois, heavy lyrics, heavy everything. It’s Burna’s biggest track so far, this year. I don’t see him topping that. Also counts as one of the hottest songs of 2021.

Buju’s “Kilometer,” on the other hand, is new. Very very new, yeah. So new, it’s hard to speculate what it’s gonna become or how big it’s gonna be or something. What we can however talk about is about how good the track is. It’s not bad, I’ll tell you that much. And I’ll let you decide the rest.

If I had to choose one, from the two Kilometers, I’d pick Buju’s, because it’s got this uptempo thing Buju rarely does and that’s something.

How about you?

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