The students of the Taraba State University Jalingo, have dragged the university management led by Vice Chancellor Professor Vincent Ado Tenebe and also the Student Union Government (SUG) President for the harrasment and poor manaagement of the school.

The school is lacking welfare condition on campus. Lack of power supply, water and infrastructure.

He also said;

With deep pains in our hearts as students we grieved at the heartless leadership of TSU and the reluctant and poor representation of the Student Union Government (SUG) president.

Mr SUG President sir, can I be honest with you? Your leadership is as poor as no representative in regards to students union,
For heavens sake students are been harrassed, shouted upon, possibly insulted because they didn’t pay school fees.

May I remind you that we paid fees 4 times just with this year!!
Two sections in one year just to meet up with the actual date for students graduating, which I’m so sure not all students that were rushed into been a graduate now can defend his or her result as its, we understood and coped with it.

Then you as the School Management after taking such a strong measure for meeting up with the initial school calendar now sending students out of exams hall?

Automatic carry over(C.O),
Just when I’m angry of what happened in my exams hall today, while going home I met a 100level student crying outside the CBT unit,
I had compassion on him and asked him in line with my friends, then he responded he was stopped from writing exams because he didn’t but departmental receipts 😭😭😭😭 of #500
God I died while standing, a 3 unit course was denied of him just because of #500.

He paid fees of about #29,650 but 500 stopped his exams.

Faculty of health science and that of law
Pays the highest school fees in this university but they are the once that is been harassed the more why?

Other facilities pay money too
But we need equal treatment TSU
Vc hope you are aware of this?

Tsu hope you know wat you are doing??

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