Sell Yourself if You Want To Blow: Singer Simi Advises Upcoming Musicians Who Don’t Promote Their Work online

Nigerian singer, Simi, has addressed upcoming musicians who don’t post their work on their pages.

The music star noted that most times, they post random photos online and none showcasing their talent.

Simi advised that if they want success bad enough, they should sell themselves on their social media pages.

Talented Nigerian singer, Simi, recently addressed upcoming musicians who do not sell themselves on social media.

Taking to her Instagram story, the Duduke crooner addressed this issue after her observations about some budding musicians.

According to Simi, some serious growing artistes have just three posts on their pages and it showcases nothing about their music.

She gave examples about some of the posts being about random things like the sunset, aeroplanes or their shoes with an even vaguer caption attached to it.

Simi noted that this wasn’t a great look for upcoming artistes and she added that if they really wanted it badly enough, they should promote themselves online and leave all their mysterious posts for when they have finally made it.

See a screenshot of her post below:

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