SHAME ON YOU -Apostle Steve Alani Writes


Apostle Steve Alani stitch public to writes out this message to the public despite it is unsignify.

He Said;


Remember that the appointment is for the benefit of the public and not just for you and your family alone enjoy… You won’t be there forever and anything you do will either speak for or against your children in the future.

  1. Ask yourself:
    How many lives have you touched since yiu were appointed?
  2. Have you for once help the helpless
  3. Have you done anything remarkable in your community?
  4. What have you done for the youth
  5. There are children who are out of school for lack of school fees, what have you done to help?
  6. What have you done to better the lives and situations of your people?


He Said; You can’t do everything but you can do something… You can’t help everybody but you can help someone… You can’t reachout to everyone but you can to someone.
You mustn’t wait for them to beg you before you will think of helping them or not. Know your responsibilities and define your priorities…

I have seen how some became so use-less and hungry immediately the administration that brought them in fades away while some have gone for self imposed exile because of shame.


Your People trusted you with the mandate to represent them only for you to turn your back against them… Even common counselors and SAs .
Sir/ma, you won’t be there forever…it will surely catch up with you for the future is always pregnant…

*Apstl Steve Alani*
Spotlight Legacy Foundation


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