Reason Why I Charge $10k For A Brand Skit – Nasty Blaq

“ I charge $10k to do a skit for a brand cus I’m going to still post it on my Instagram and Facebook “ Nasty Blaq

Truly Nigerian celebrities are making money . Imagine making a skit for $10k that’s about 7.5m naira .

Nasty revealed that the least he can take is 6.5m naira and that might be because you are close to him . Showbiz is one of the most profitable thing to do in Nigeria .

It is profitable but not easy cus it involves so much creativity and only the best survive .

Nigerians have understood that Building a great social media handle as an entertainer is a Gold mine . As an entertainer, make sure you grow your handles , that’s one thing that brands look at . They know your followers is a potential market . Build a loyal community on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter . Get a good PR that understands the audience .

From today we are charging $200 for a post on this platform .


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