Church Gist: Happy 60th Birthday Rev. Dr. Agabison J W Azooka

We’ve heard about the tales of men, men who lived as though they were gods. Men who stood gallantly and fearlessly confronted the shades of evil. Men with fiftyshades and therefore difficult to tame.

They rose beyond the horizon and lived transparently that their lives became a statue of hope, a symbol of emancipation.

We’ve heard about them, we’ve read about, we’ve seen the signs some left behind, and we are not blind not to recognize that we are privileged to have one among us today.

We celebrate you Rev. Dr. Agabison J. W Azooka today the earth witness an irresistible force as you make your way in. we are happy and we are glad that you came in our generation.

Happy Birthday to the Restoration Rev. Dr. Pastor. Agabison J W Azooka @ 60years

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