I’m The Lecturer that Gave You “12 Carryover” because of A Lady “ADSU Lecturer Tells Student on Facebook

A Nigerian scholar has exposed his male lecturer for admitting to giving him carryovers over a girl He shared a screenshot of the lecturer’s Facebook remark where he boasted about giving him over 12 carryovers singlehandedly The full text of the academic’s post has sent social media into a frenzy as many dragged the lecturer.


Muhammad Baba Abdulwahab, a young man who had studied at Adamawa State University (ADSU), has accused his former lecturer of deliberately failing him over a lady. Abdulwahab made the statement on Facebook while attaching a screenshot of the lecturer’s statement of admittance.

In the attached screenshot, Abdulwahab appeared to be having a sort of argument on Facebook with the lecturer when the academic named Mohammed Bala Inuwa dropped the boastful bombshell. The young man had replied the lecturer that he didn’t want him to graduate but he moved on and proudly finished at Kaduna State Polytechnic.


ADSU lecturer says he gave former student over 12 carryovers In his response, lecturer Bala mocked Abdulwahab, saying he remains a dropout of Adamawa State University. He added that he was the only lecturer that gave him over 12 carryovers.

The full text of the lecturer’s statement reads:

Muhammed Baba Abdulwahab Better am happy for you but the fact still remain the same, you are a an Adsu dropout and I am the only lecturer in the department that gave you over 12 carry overs. You need to clap for me.”


Responding to a netizen, the affected ex-student said the lecturer taught in the accounting department of ADSU and had influence. ”He was my level coordinator and he had influence in the department, his colleagues help him to get to he wants.”

A look at the profile and bio that dropped the bombshell showed that the lecturer studied at Adamawa State University Mubi, Adamawa State but works at Baze University.

The original post where the comment was made could not be retrieved at the time of this report.

Social media users react to the lecturer’s boastful statement Oluchi Scholastica Ezeuzokwe said: “One reason I was glad being a student of private institution, what I deserve I was given.

Didn’t sort any lecturer or carryover any course till I finished. “In my private institution, we had right to sue lecturers.”


Daniel Kelvin said: “He should sue the lecturer for misappropriation of power in public office. “This should be an evidence. “Get a good lawyer and file for damages.”

Godson Chikelue said: “Almost all the graduates that passed through public higher institution have witnessed this directly or a friend being a victim, it’s more like a norm in our institutions.”

Desmond Samuel said: “Is the audacity for me? He should be arrested and made to face the law and also lose his job immediately but not in Nigeria.”

Chinemelum Obi said: “He needs to be petitioned so he’d get fired,this is why I love twitter people…this would have been a movement to get him fired ,so the boy can graduate.”

Basil Ovu said: “But there is a way to address issues like this one. Does it mean that the student couldn’t report the lecturer? Something isn’t adding up or the school itself is fundamentally flawed.

No one should have such an audacity and still be in the payroll of any institution.”

Lady returns to take her carryover exam after 7 years.

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a lady had returned to school to take her carryover exam seven years later. She posted a vlog on TikTok detailing how she prepared for the examination. In the video posted with her TikTok handle, @lifeofcheeche, the lady said she had eagerly waited for the day she would write the carryover. She was seen in the video studying and preparing hard to pass the paper after many years.


Source: Legit.ng

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