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The maiden winner of Miss Wanu beauty pageant, Queen Awasasa Aduniya has expressed concern over how many Jukun Wanu girls are kept away from formal schooling and married by arrangement in their teenage years.
She said the situation has some serious consequences such as poor health and loss of equal opportunities, to individuals, families, communities and to the country.
In a document to Apex News Exclusive on her pet project, the Wanu beauty queen explained parents are less aware about the benefits of educating the girl child.
According to her, the main aim of her pet project is to improve female literacy in Wanu communities by raising awareness about the importance of girl’s education and supporting them.
As a result, she is set to organize a seminar believing it will create awareness about importance of girl’s education hoping it will motivate parents to educate their daughters and improve the number of girl-child in school.

She observed that although some girls from the richer families in the village have an opportunity to go to school for few years, those from poorer families are not lucky enough to have that opportunity.

he beauty queen said the aim of her project is to help the girl-child become a kind of woman she wants and to improve the girl-child literacy by sponsorships.

According to her, the objective is to raise awareness about importance of girl’s education through an online weekend weekly seminar project. This will provide support to the girls who are from the poorest and or indigent families, who struggle to maintain school costs.

She pointed out the total budget for the seminar is N200,000 including students’ sponsorship, writing materials and transport fare and feeding among others.

The beauty queen told Apex News Exclusive that she will appreciate well-meaning people to assist her in sponsorship of the programme which is in partnership with Kwararafa Empire Group (KEG).

The Miss Wanu can be reached on 08123449147 for any assistance and sponsorship.

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