Music is not about just walking into a studio and mixing sound and blowing

Ghanaian Highlife musician and Lynx Entertainment signee, Kidi has advised underground artistes and those still looking to join the industry that there is more to music than meets the eye and that a lot of thinking has to go into the making of music.


According to the ‘Touch it’ crooner, music is not about just walking into a studio and mixing sound and blowing hot air, noting that a lot has to go into the promoting and marketing of music and that is where talent will not suffice

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Sharing an observation he has made, Kidi noted that many new artistes are of the belief that once the music is good then the music has to sell automatically, somthing Kidi was quick to give them a reality check on.


He also made mention of the various social media outlets and how some musicians have adopted its use to get their music across to fans which he noted is ingenious but simply not enough to maximize the true potential of ones music in the market.

“Music is not just about going to the studio and recording the song and posting on Instagram for a few days.

You need to be intentional, me for example it will shock you to know that I don’t like TikTok like that but I recognise the power of it”

“I realise that if I do this and that it can help so I will be in my room and be dancing. I’m not a dancer but when you see me, you see that I’m always dancing and I look stupid but I know what I’m trying to get out of it,” he said in an interview with Kwadwo Sheldon.

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