DO YOU ACCEPT? Nigerian Parents Are Not Supposed To Have Kids (See Why)

DO YOU ACCEPT? Nigerian Parents Are Not Supposed To Have Kids (See Why)

Many Nigerian parents right now, cannot wait for their children to be 7 years so they can start labouring for the family while they supply the child with capital.

They introduce the child to Hawking and soon enough, the lad normalizes it and see suffering as part for family as love.

He will soon grow up, not having enough for himself, get married and begin raising children. Suffers malnutrition, ill education and even get embarrassed by landlords and other vendors for not meeting up with bills.

He has vowed not to allow his children suffer the same fate as he did even though those children are not getting anything near the best.

But, would it not have been better if he has prioritize self development and empowerment so much to a point that carrying extra responsibility wouldn’t be a heavy loan. But no, age is ticking and having children at 40 is a taboo.

This man suffers and age, only to realize that the children he suffered for have started suffering to better their lives, ignoring him.

He’s now emotionally blackmailing them for not being there as he was for them.

Kids are so focused to alleviating their poverty in time.

Be honest,

Are You Happy With Your Parents?

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