Singer Oxlade Sue to Court Over Leaked Sex Tape

Singer Oxlade Sue to Court Over Leaked Sex Tape


Lady vows to sue Oxlade after her Real boyfriend recognized her 

The woman who was seen participating  in oxlade’s Viral bedroom video has vowed to sue the artist for damages.

After the wild bedroom footage of Oxlade and an unnamed lady in a provocative manner went public, social media, particularly Twitter  and Snapchat, went berserk.

Sources reveal that, the artist created a Snapchat streak and sent it to a Friend to show how he devastated an unnamed girl, who then recorded the series on his phone and put it online.

In a recent report, blogger Gossipmill revealed that the lady’s real boyfriend had split up with her since her tape with Oxlade became public. According to the recent development, the lady is suing Oxlade for N20 million As damages.

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