Late HRH Capt. Clement Asuku Abayilo, The Abiseku Of Abinsi, Made The Supreme Sacrifice


In this circle and cycle of life, existence is sometimes modified to bring about comfort or safety in a given society. Life generally is about risk taking. But such a feat is only for the courageous.

That person with the redemptive power of love for the people. Such a person prefers sacrifice rather than ransom.

Hence, some people are born great, some people achieve greatness and to some people, greatness is entrusted onto/upon them. The trios of the accolades depict the sterling silver or quality of such a personality.

Today, I join countless numbers of Jukun people, with some nostalgic feelings, this in memoriam, the departure of the charismatic, reliable, dependable, fearless; this Icon, an apostle of truth and the great
fighter for/of the Jukun race. His Royal Highness, Capt. Clement Asuku Abayilo, (rtd) of blessed memories.

The Abiseku of Abinsi, was indeed, an emancipator, a protector, and a defender of the Jukun Wanu speaking people.

He did not let go the liabilities and only embraced the assets of the throne. He was not a square peg in a round hole.

The cap fitted him at the time Abinsi was under the pressure of the Masev, Iharev and Nongov Development Association – MINDA, of the Tiv people.

This programmed agenda of Abinsi- take – over, that is being implemented today in piece meal by these brutes.

The King stood his ground and turned his back against any tantalizing goody-goodies, as bait. He was not greedy.

He had no catholic tastes. He kept to culture and tradition of the Jukun Wanu people. In fact, he knew the best for his people and therefore, declined to bargain less.

Just like his predecessor, HRH Manu Sabo Azyjidoku II; HRH Capt. Clement Asuku Abayilo fought gallantly (a retired Army officer that he was) for the liberation of his people from the shackles of oppression
and other vices that were injurious to the Wanu people.

That was the man that could even speak Tiv language more than a Minda person. He knew them too well that he could not be intimidated.

His physical appearance, very charming, his eloquence as a motivational speaker etc were of great advantage.

These dwarfed the personality of the Tor Tiv who felt in secured and shivered most of the times during their council meetings in Gboko. Abiseku was very frank to situations and never turned tail. For this, he was hated most.

The foes, their co-collaborators
went for a guillotine machine and eliminated him. Of course, the activities of the ‘enemies within’ painfully crafted by the architectural and engineering experts and design of the ‘Trojan Horse’ evoked the spirit of mischief as they convoked, aided and abetted the ploy against him.

At the panel of inquiry he defended his position very well, defended Abinsi his natal home and defended the entire Wanu people as indigenous people of Benue state. This angered the Benue state government, and in
their verdict, recommendations heaped all blames on him.

This did not deter him any way. He kept to his ideals, principles and persevered throughout his dethronement period till his demise.

His banishment from Abinsi and sojourn in Kaduna did not severe him of his love for his people. While in exile he was still the king. Chief (Ebigye) Bulus Ubandoma Ayiyole by popular mandated acted as the
District Head of Abinsi during the regency period. He did his best and led the district calmly and peacefully.

Great men are always remembered for their good deed for the day. Both of them did not betray their people.

They stood firm and resolute. Hardly can one find such leaders among native Wanu today.

The love for materialism, orchestrated by poverty, vaunted ambition, constant support for illegality, neo-colonialism and self-denial have all taken the center stage. But, just like a ‘lamb,’ he was led away to the
slaughter house, for no just cause.


With the imbued courage, the King, the Abiseku of Abinsi C.A. Abayilo made that supreme sacrifice to redeem the Wanu race. How many of us can try that today? He left a
legacy for us. Do not be a Trojan Horse to be used by the Tiv people for self gains. Keep a good name for posterity. Do just that and your name
will be written in gold.
Rest in peace. God, save the land.
Ada Shido u yo bena wa sasa i Kindo.
Awa Kindo wa ka kapye.



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