McDow pen down An Open Letter To Young Entertainers

Attah Moses Mark who known as Mcdow has a piece of advice to young Entertainer , The singer who believes he can change the world with his craft Quoted this on his social media handle Read below

We need more young people to become;
– Youtubers
– Social media influencers
– Producers
– Sound engineers
– Bloggers
– OAPs
– Directors
– Deejays etc

Entertainment is not all about being a singer/rapper. We have STARS and then we also have STAR MAKERS and both are equally needed to obtain balance.

Everyone cannot become star musicians, rather we can become stars in our various niches in the entertainment industry. We equally need people who’re passionate about making other people stars. Then and only then, will we begin to place our own people up there in the AB or C lists.

Yours sincerely McDow – An open letter 🖊

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