History Of Christian Reformed Church Of Nigeria (CRCN)

The Christian Reformed Church in Nigeria (CRCN) has a rich history that dates back to the early 20th century. Here’s a brief overview:

1. Formation and Early Years: The CRCN traces its origins to the efforts of the Sudan United Mission (SUM), a Christian missionary organization, which started work in Nigeria in 1904. The SUM missionaries focused on evangelizing and establishing churches in different parts of the country.

2. Founding of the CRCN: In 1931, a group of Nigerian Christians who had been influenced by the SUM missionaries decided to form their own indigenous church. This led to the establishment of the Sudan Interior Church (SIC), which later became the CRCN.

3. Growth and Expansion: The CRCN experienced significant growth and expansion throughout the mid-20th century. It established numerous congregations, schools, and healthcare facilities across different regions of Nigeria.

4. Autonomy and Name Change: In 1970, the CRCN attained full autonomy, separating from the Sudan Interior Church. Subsequently, in 1981, the church changed its name from the Sudan Interior Church to the Christian Reformed Church in Nigeria (CRCN).

5. Denominational Development: Over the years, the CRCN has continued to develop its organizational structure and governance. It has established presbyteries, synods, and other administrative bodies to oversee the operations of the church.

6. Missionary Outreach: The CRCN has been actively involved in missionary work, sending its own missionaries to other parts of Nigeria and even beyond the country’s borders. It has also collaborated with other Christian organizations in various outreach initiatives.

7. Social and Educational Contributions: Alongside its spiritual endeavors, the CRCN has made significant contributions to education and social welfare. The church has established schools, vocational training centers, and hospitals, providing educational and healthcare services to local communities.

Today, the CRCN remains a vibrant and growing Christian denomination in Nigeria, with a focus on evangelism, discipleship, community development, and social justice.



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