Is Not My Lose Alone But Benue Lose If I Ignore Her -Nigeria HypeMan BigSmart

Is Not My Lose But Benue Lose If I Ignore Here -Nigeria HypeMan BigSmart on Benue Talent Female Art Rhalz

Is Not My Lose But Benue Lose If I Ignore Here -Nigeria HypeMan BigSmart on Benue Talent Female Art Rhalz

One of Nigeria’s benue born finest act and entertainer, self-acclaimed energy lad and hypertension, Mcsmart Oche popularly known as Big smart is known for his hard work, tenacity and his unique ability to spot talent.

After making it clear on his social media handle for doing the best he can to support BENUE fast growing female star @Ss Rhalz which her name was just rebrand to Rhalz after the success of his debut single Tesumole which is already topping chart on Shazam on Nigeria & Cameroun and also other platform.

Tesumole is one of the current top notch single on TikTok as Nigeria top tiktoker Soft vibe to it.

Nigeria music exporter Mcsmart Oche x Bigsmart Oche got this to say about the Same “Ss Rhalz”.

And again we are made to understand that, Rha Lz win is not an overnight achievement but one which involves hard-work, sleepless nights, Determination, total learning to outsmart the business, putting in the right work even when it’s involves hindrances and not given up.

It’s time and energy invested that brought her this far within a short period of time, she has been in the music industry for sometimes and she had a record to her name before her official song tagged “Odogwu” which she probably dedicated to one of her mentor “Burnaboy” for his contribution’s, the song was officially produced and mix and mastered by her official producer who is one of the sought-after producers from Middle-belt Joe Waxy Ejembi .

The song was released last year which was 2022 and the reviews and feedback from her Fan’s and family were what to account as a big win and motivation to her and her brand.

She geared towards 2023 and released the most trendy and charting song of the moment tagged “Tesumole” which she basically wanted to sold it to an A list artist’s but as God liveth, the whole thing which happens to be a disappointment turns out to be her breakthrough in the music industry.

It’s an indication which clearly that; SS Rhalz came to win and conquer the world and she deserves to be celebrated.

Her talent took her to many countries without visa and she will definitely be touring the world soon through her managerial deal with My smart.

It’s right time to navigate the right spots and finds out what the business needs and how to get it done.

It’s time my people 😋Let the ignite the fire more.



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