For over 10 years now , Nigeria has been at the top when it comes to talking music in Africa and entertainment as a whole . Most of their entertainers have become millionaires in dollars and Nigerian music played Globally even in countries that don’t understand English .

Has this been happening because Nigeria has the most talented musicians in Africa ? Is it because they have the largest population in Africa ? These questions makes sense but it could have never been possible if those were the only reasons .

So Why is Nigerian Music Spreading Globally at a Geometric rate ? Nigerian music is played Globally and their artists selling out concerts in all parts of the world . How are they doing this ????

Population . Population in Nigeria is growing at a Geometric rate .In as much as there are consequences to this fast growing population, there are also advantages . Nigeria has over 250 million inhabitants and Statistics shows that over 50% of their population uses the internet . That’s over 125 million people . This population streams their music , buy and share it and that’s how it spreads . CAMEROON has just 27 million people as their population in CAMEROON and only 6 Percent of the population have access to the internet. You see how tough it is to spread our music ? population plays a vital role .

Record Labels
The biggest record labels in the world have been to Nigeria , Sony Music , universal music and many others and have worked with Artistes like Davido , Wizkid , Burna Boy etc . These record labels distributes Nigerian music Globally since they have the resources and skilled workers . In CAMEROON only few artistes have worked with Universal music and it’s the French audience . Their music gets to be distributed only to these areas . Every major record label in the world has worked with Nigerian artists and that’s how they spread it .


Till today , many Cameroonian artistes don’t know what branding in music is all about .

Branding is the reflection of an artist’s overall message, identity, personality, style, values, beliefs, ambitions, and music.

Nigerians have mastered the art of branding and the way they do it , the entire world gets to notice them . They make their artistes to be unique in every aspect , this makes it easy for the world to discover the artiste . This is the main reason why every year we must have new artistes in Nigeria making waves globally.


Truth is there is no country in the world that you will go without seeing a Nigerian . Nigerians are found in every part of the world and they are known for hustling really hard and making money . Hundreds of thousands are found in different parts of the world .Do you know that over 21000 Nigerians live in the UK ? They are already a market for their music . If they invite their artiste there , they are sure to have a great concert . This population also play their music everywhere and that’s how it spreads . Their population abroad have also made money and are investing in the entertainment industry. How many Cameroonians are abroad ? These things actually play on us .

Music Promotion

Nigerian artistes take music promo personal. They put millions into promo for their music to reach every part of the world . This is because the record labels that sign them invests heavily in their careers . Here in CAMEROON few artistes can afford 500k for music promo . You now get it why some of our great content remains here ?? Magasco dropped an Album and no major blog in the country has posted , Why ? Zero promo

Another Factor is language . We might say music has no language but trust us , it still plays a vital part when it comes to your music spreading Globally . Majority of the world’s population understands English , this makes it easier for them to get the music . It’s true music has no language but language still plays a part .

Most often your country’s music is not spreading globally, it is not because they are stopping you , you don’t just have the right channels , resources and many other things . It is okay to step up and learn .

If Magasco moves to Nigeria today , collaborates with other Nigerian artistes , gets a major record label like Sony music , he will be one of the biggest artistes in Africa . There is no doubt about this .

Big Respect to Cameroonian artistes who keep pushing even when it gets tough .

Be open and ready to learn , prepare your mind for growth



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