Legend Zamani Unveil the Album Cover Art for His “Legacy The Album” with emotional Story


Fast growing Kwararafa singer Legend Zamani is set to unleash his 10 tracks Legacy the Album abbreviated to be LTA. As he unveil on his social media handles that’s the album is 80% ready.

See the track list below:

Legacy tha album abbreviated #LTA content 10 consecutive tracks. Which are:

1 Iya Pfye
2 Ademmye (The world)
3 Ni kado♥️
4 Sho dini
5 Awaze (Enemies)
6 Shido yi nana yo
7 Lozu jai
8 Zende♥️ (Accept)
9 Ango Zuwa ♥️
10 Akakhe💪


About the album. Some part of the inspiration behind this content came from my life story, while the other part came from every day life activities happening in our communities.

Which I will love to express my self a little bit with some of the tracks.

Track 1. it’s a motivation Melody for my people to step up, More like a ginger song.

Track 2. it’s a song full with wisdom about life and more of preaching. Actually it’s my late father’s song which he never voice it in studio officially but do sang it live most times during events in town. 😭

Track 3. Ni kado means they are stubborn. As in direct translation. But what I mean here is the girls from my kingdom are the most beautiful women in the world.

So, it simple means their beauty is stubborn, same time is causing commotion and it’s turbulent.

Track 4. Sho dini means Let’s love each others and for us to prosper. More like a prophecy. You will fall in love with track 4.

Track 6. The lord is not at sleep and what ever happened he knows.

This one is full of encouragement and it’s also my late father’s song. 😭 Infact his number 1 hit track in jukun kingdom.

The track that gave him the fame. But didn’t record it officially in studio. he only sang it live in church and several occasions. So i decided to put it into deck.

Track 7. Lozu Jai. Let the Lord look after us every where we go. Which is a prayer.

You will like track 5,8♥️,9♥️ and 10💪 too.

To my lovely family, friends and fans. Please 🙏 keep anticipating #LEGACY_THA_ALBUM.
Dropping on 30th of July 2023 by God’s grace.


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  1. Indeed a legend
    Keep winning without limits.

    We patiently waiting for the album and in good faith and prayer to the Lord it come to pass successfully.

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