I Came With 2 Of My Girlfriends “Wizkid” Replies Female Fan Who Asked To Go Home With Him

I Came With 2 Girlfriends – Wizkid Replies Female Fan Who Asked To Go Home With Him

Not tonight I came with 2 girlfriends – Wizkid Replies female fan who asked to go home with him during his performance


Not tonight I came with 2 girlfriends, Wizkid to a female fan. Starboy also known as Wizkid/Popsy/Wizreplied an overzealous female fan asking to go home with him. The singer during his performance at Afronation was given a tempting offer by a female fan in the audience.


The female fan who kept shouting at the top of her voice to get Wizkid’s attention finally succeed and declared love to him. And he responded with I love you too. While she added that she wants him to take her home tonight.

But Wizkid replied went “Baby girl, I love you too. You wanna come home with me tonight?…baby girl maybe not tonight…maybe tomorrow night I’m sorry… I came with two of my girlfriends tonight I’m sorry”.


Meanwhile, in light of Davido’s situation many are attributing Wizkid refusal to begin careful. After seeing what his colleagues’ current situation looks like. And people have shared their opinions following the trending video. Click to watch.


@rosythrone: “I’m proud to be a Wizkid FC. Just see Baba now”

@meerah_cul: “Baby girl not tonight… there’s Anita in the air… Big Wiz too Sabi”

@mrlukeson: “you might be thinking he was joking. But I bet you, the 2 girls were probably there and happily blushing too”

@meetemmanueljacob: “Life of a star is not easy at all. You need a high level discipline and smartness to be able to handle money and fame”

@lovedoctorfab: “Lmao Wiz no like problem. Abeg no come home with me tonight biko”

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