Kano, Sokoto Ban Listening to Davido’s Music In the State

The outrage against Davido and a music video of his signee, Logos Olori, which he reposted on his page, has taken a new turn.

According to popular Northern Nigerian social media influencer Waspapping, he noted that Kano and Sokoto states had placed a ban on the singer’s music being publicly In a trending video that surfaced online on Monday morning, July 24, a Fulani man was seen ripping apart posters and banners of Davido at shops in a mall.

The Northern Muslims of Nigeria have begun taking drastic actions against internationally renowned Afrobeat superstar Davido as the outcry against the disrespect depicted in a viral music video he posted on his page continues to trend. Since last Saturday, July 23, 2023, there’s been a massive outcry on social media from a religious section of the country lambasting famous Nigerian singer Davido for posting a music video tagged as disrespectful to Islam.

Some northern elites have reacted to the video, including Nuhu Ali and Bashir Ahmad lambasting Davido for promoting something that infringes on Islamic beliefs.

According to a famous northern social media influencer, Waspapping, a ban has been placed on Davido and his songs not to be played publicly in Kano and Sokoto.

Videos have also emerged online as some northern Muslims were seen tearing and removing fliers, photos and posters of the singer from public places.


See posts and videos reporting the Northern reaction to Davido’s defiance:


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