Shallipopi Is A Thief “Portable drags the living Daylight out Him As His Song Rank 2nd On Apple Music”

Famous street rapper Portable Omolalomi charged Shallipopi, an up-and-coming musician, with claims that he faked his way up on the Apple music chart

The upcoming act made a song relating to his recent release after he was detained by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

After his release, Shallipopi released a brand-new song named Ex-Convict, which is presently ranked second on Apple Music Nigeria’s Top Song chart

Shallipopi, who was just released from prison after being caught and convicted of online fraud, released the song Ex-Convict. The tune quickly became number two on the international streaming app, triggering Portable.

He said that Shallipopi employed a streaming farm to quickly get his song to the top of the charts. He also accused the aspiring singer of being a crook with no good voice for singing.

He wrote
Shallipopi is a thief he does not know how to sing, he is using streaming gram, I was taken to prison and did not too chart shallipopi I’m about to mar you popular by calling your name no one knew you before, your face no blow, Shallipopi come let me sign you to Zeh Nation and teach you how to sing.

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